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Automation and Digitalisation

Leading Automation and Digitalization Healthcare Sector

Cultural, organizational or operational change integrating technology and processes to achieve innovative products and services. This one-day active learning workshop aims to enhance participants’ project management skills in Leading Automation and Digitalization projects for the Health Care Sector.


The course covers the complete project life-cycle from Project initiation, planning, executing, monitoring & control until closure.

In addition to sharing the classic Plan-Driven (aka Predictive) project management methodology, they will also be exposed to applicable Agile concepts, tools and techniques for Change-Driven (aka Adaptive) projects.

The Course Facilitator will be introducing essential and practical skills in leading concurrent Automation and Digitalization projects.

For example: managing Stakeholders engagement, prioritizing user stories, prioritizing deliverables across projects, managing critical path and resources, managing changes and risks. The facilitator will be conducting live demonstration for at least two digital project management apps for immediate applications by the participants.


To ensure that the knowledge gained and skills learnt will be instantly applicable in the work environment, participants are encouraged to work on their real-life projects as the course progresses. Case studies from Health Care sector will be used as reference throughout the workshop to deepen the learnings. Towards the end of the course, participants are expected to complete the key components of their project baselines and get ready for execution.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand various Project Management Best Practices, Framework and Concepts
  • Create an initial project plan for a real-life Automation or Digitalization project
  • Practice the key aspects of execution, control, and closure enable by a High Performing team
  • Draft practical action plans based on Stakeholder Engagement Strategies (including change management)

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Digital Transformation in Healthcare Sector and Me!

Building a high-performance culture through: Leadership behaviors & Communication, Values and Rituals, Work Teams and Structures, Human Capita; and Performance Management


This program me will provide you with the concepts and applications of a transformative mindset  shift and the ability to lead your organizations to prepare for digitally transform your organization. You will be equipped with a sound understanding of digital technologies, strategies and techniques for bring innovative business strategies to reality. Case studies in Health Care and other relevant sectors on application of Digital Strategies would include the use of Digital technologies to capitalize the massive benefits of Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how Digitalization impacts the economy, internal stakeholders and external customers’ expectations of Health Care Service Providers
  • Develop an overall awareness of various Digital Technologies
  • Appreciate digital transformation successes and learnings in government and Health Care services sector
  • Understand how digitalization affects internal stakeholders and customers, and use of digitalization in their daily work and personal life
  • Evaluate what needs to be change within your organization and your current job role as a result of latest Digital Transformation
  • Adjust mindset based on the awareness of technology change and trends to have a successful career in Digitalized workplace Target Audience:
  • Senior Managers, Line Managers and senior executives
  • Nursing Educators, Nursing Managers, Directors of Nursing
  • Executives and Staff Nurses Digital Transformation in Health Care Sector and Me!

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Proposal and Short Summary of Courses

This is a 3-day hands-on workshop that prepares technology and business leaders to plan, drive and navigate change for digital transformation across the organization. It will provide participants with a robust framework to systematically identify areas requiring change management when navigating digital transformation.

Through interactive experiential learning and peer-to-peer sharing, participants will be guided to develop insights on how to manage their organization’s transformation journey.


By applying the framework to their insights, they will be able to develop a tailored and robust change plan to address today’s issues and also prepare their organization for change in the horizon.

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Proposal and Short Summary of Courses

  • Develop an awareness of Healthcare Industry Transformation Roadmap and its relevance/connectivity to SKH Digital Transformation Roadmap
  • Understand the key features and success factors of driving digital transformation
  • Understand Kotter 8-step Change Acceleration and Prosci ADKAR change model; Apply the robust framework into planning, driving and navigating organization’s transformation journey
  • Conduct an assessment of self-readiness and team-readiness in responding to Digital Transformation
  • Develop action plan to manage change resistance of self and cross functional teams based on Prosci ADKAR change model: Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, Reinforcement.
  • Finalize a Kotter 8-step Change Acceleration Plan for Digital Transformation (given a halfday practice session under the coaching and mentorship of the facilitator
  • Enhance the Change Acceleration Plan by thinking ahead on how to consolidate wins and institutionalize new ways of working