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Project Management

Bringing organization and its key resources project management skills to the next level based on Agile/Scrum or PMBOK or Lean or Six Sigma

Managing Program Stakeholders

  • Identify and prioritize the stakeholders of a program, project or campaign
  • Conduct stakeholder analysis to identify the needs, interests, “biggest gain”, “biggest fear”  of all key stakeholders
  • Adapt various Stakeholder Engagement Strategies to manage supportive, neutral as well as non-supportive internal stakeholder

  • Apply Trust Formula to continuously build trust and maintain positive relationships with external stakeholders
  • Apply Influence Without Authority and Persuasive Communication techniques to effectively manage relationships
  • Employ tools to manage Scope Change throughout the life of a program

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Managing and engaging the key stakeholders at the right time, by adapting the right strategies is critical to the success of any programs, projects and campaigns. You could be leading a diverse group of stakeholders in transforming your organization due to external competitive forces or internal performance needs. Or perhaps you wish to understand how to make your products or services more acceptable or relevant to your target audience. If you would like to hone the skills of managing stakeholders for your programs, projects or even campaign, please join this newly updated workshop.

You will experience the impact of successful stakeholder management, and be introduced to a range of strategies, tools and techniques to manage your key stakeholders’ expectation.

Foundation Concepts of Stakeholder Management

  • Definition of Program/Project/Campaign Stakeholder
  • Identify and prioritize internal and external Stakeholders
  • Use tools to Identify Stakeholders’ Interest, Concerns and Power

Planning Stakeholder Engagement

  • Explain the Importance of a Charter and Business Requirements Document in managing the project
  • Adapt various Stakeholder Engagement Strategies to manage supportive, neutral as well as non-supportive internal stakeholders
  • Create a practical Stakeholder Communications Plan to execute Stakeholder Engagement Strategies
  • Create a Change Control Plan to help manage Scope Creep

Managing Stakeholder Engagement

  • Use different Stakeholder Strategies for reaching agreements with stakeholders to manage their expectations and fears

Putting It All Together

  • Provide Feedback on Action Plans
  • Identify Personal Developments from the Course
  • Summarize Key Learnings

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