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Job Redesign

Job Role Re-Design can support business transformation, help make jobs more productive and attractive for workers, and benefit enterprises by allowing them to hire and retain good workers to support the business.


The expected outcomes of the Job Role Re-Design project may include:

  • Worker’s job size enlarged and/or job value increased*

  • Improved job attractiveness to the local workforce*
  • Improved wage outcomes of workers
  • Jobs have been redesigned to better support business transformation in the organization
  • Non value-added tasks are restructured with higher value-adding tasks added
  • Workers have been up-skilled or multi-skilled in tandem with enhanced nature of job tasks
  • Improvement in productivity and reduced operating or manpower costs
  • Workers’ capabilities have been enhanced for career development and opportunities are created for better career pathways
  • Increased job satisfaction with facilitation of talent attraction and retention

*At least one of the two outcomes with the asterisk (*) should be achieved.